About us

The owner of the website, Meest Polska company, is a postal operator providing logistic and postal services for private persons and business clients. Meest Polska is part of Meest Corporation Inc. - a logistics and courier company established by members of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada, which for over 30 years has been connecting Ukrainians living in different countries with their family and friends who remain in Ukraine.

Currently, the company allows not only to order delivery of parcels, but also to purchase and donate ready-made food boxes. In this way, Meest Polska joins in helping the people of Ukraine who are living in a war-torn country.

The donor of the food box may decide whether to send it to a specific recipient or deliver it to an aid organization operating in Ukraine.

Meest Polska’s partners in Ukraine are: Meest International Charitable Foundation and Meest Ukraine. 
Meest Ukraine delivers parcels to individual recipients, and the Meest International Charitable Foundation cooperates with Ukrainian humanitarian organizations that effectively reach the people in Ukraine that need it most. 

Company information

Meest Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Drogowców 7,
39-200 Dębica
NIP (TAX ID): PL8722267231
KRS: 0000259760
EORI: PL872226723100000
Postal operator: B-00183