• Public organization ''Lviv volunteer KITCHEN''

    Public organization ''Lviv volunteer KITCHEN''

    Public organization ''Lviv volunteer KITCHEN'' was founded in 2018, but has been operating since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Donbas in 2014. The founders are 5 citizens of Lviv, who set a goal of supplying food for those who defend Ukraine. Initially, the organization had a dozen volunteers who sent between 1,500 to 3,000 food kits per month which include first courses, teas, energy mixes, bars, honey, and salads.
     These days, the organization preps and delivers up to 2 000 food kits, and 600-700 traditional honey cakes “medivnyks” to the front!
     The joint venture includes five founders, 30 members and about 150 volunteers each day. The total number of people involved is several hundred.

    With the assistance of Meest and the Ukrainian Catholic University, the Lviv Volunteer KITCHEN will receive significant support in its work.

  • Plast Lviv

    Plast Lviv

    The world's largest branch of Ukrainian Scout Organization Plast. In peacetime the organization is engaged in comprehensive education and patriotic upbringing of young people, but from the first minutes of the full-scale war, Plast Lviv opened the Humanitarian Aid Headquarter and started to send tons of food, medicines, and other aid to people in need in all town and cities of Ukraine.

    In total, the organization has already sent more than 1,500 tons of humanitarian aid, including 5,000 food kits.

    Plast's headquarter in Lviv is committed to providing food to people in Ukrainian towns and cities where hostilities are taking place, in particular children, elderly people and families suffering from poverty. The amount of food available on the frontline is decreasing with each passing day. Consequently, the number of people in need grows and each of your donations may save someone's life.